Thursday, 27 January 2011

The ability of tapestry to inspire

Whilst rooting through some photos from last year I came across this:
Dovecot exhibited 4 tapestries at the Pittenweem Arts Festival in August 2010. The tapestries, each designed by one of the studio's weavers, had been commissioned to celebrate the opening of Dovecot's new home at the old Infirmary Street Baths, Edinburgh in 2008. Their designs, all inspired by the watery history of the building, were perfectly suited to the Pittenweem's Old Town Hall, with its views out to sea.

One of the invited artists at the festival was renowned glass artist Keiko Mukaide. Her exhibition took the history of Pittenweem's fishing industry as it's point of reference. On exiting the exhibition, visitors could write their hopes and wishes on a piece of glass and attach it to a fishing net strung against a wall. This is one of them!

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