Tuesday, 4 January 2011

National Museum of Scotland collection

A few days before Christmas I was lucky enough to visit the National Museum of Scotland's Collection Centre to view a number of Dovecot tapestries in their collection.

The variety and quality of material they own is outstanding and every time a new tapestry was rolled out I was awed by the colours and workmanship. Highlights included a seat cover designed by Cecil Beaton, a beautifully virbrant 1940s tapestry based on a painting by Gauguin and Graham Sutherland's Emblem on Red (1980).

Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce any of our photos here so you will have to wait until the centenary exhibition in 2012 to see them! You can however see one of the tapestries, designed by Archie Brennan, here.


  1. Hi
    I have officially become a follower of this blog. I am an Australian tapestry weaver, working from home and will follow your research progress with great interest.

  2. Thank you Pat. I look forward to hearing any thoughts you might have on my blog entries! More info on Dovecot can be found at www.dovecotstudios.com



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